July 15, 2024

Lights are an essential tool in people’s lives. Today we are going to talk about the 5 best chandeliers that are selling well, come and have a look!

01 Multi-light source linear chandelier

The first type is similar to linear pendant lamps because, like the linear versions of the previously mentioned Fez series pendant lamps, it spreads multiple light sources over the length of its form, like the wires on a marionette controlling its branches.

Or like Marset’s Tam Tam, with adjustable angle lights glued to a pendant.

02 Multiple light source combination

The second subcategory of multi-light combines bulbs into the same form, providing a wider and more uniform light area. Multiple frosted spheres on a web chandelier by Hudson Valley Lighting bring out this effect.

On its own, it brings a well-suited Art Deco style to larger spaces like retro hotel foyers and dining rooms.

03 Multi-light source cluster

This style allows chandeliers to form their own, gravity-defining shapes, such as Lladro’s Jamz or Zava’s Cono 6, examples of how otherwise simple chandeliers can be brought together to form unique clusters.

Both multi-light cluster chandeliers and multi-light combination chandeliers are especially suitable for slender vertical areas, such as spiral or U-shaped stairs or high-ceilinged foyers. For example Terzani’s abacus lights are especially suitable for use in the tightest of crevices.

04 Rope Chandelier

Sometimes it’s best not to overthink it, however, even a single light bulb on a wire can bring some level of style change or even a complex change to a project.

Rope can be a bold statement by designers of their commitment to minimalism in their projects. But with the right positioning, and possibly even expanding to larger feature installations, rope can still grab attention, like TomKirk Lighting’s Cintola chandelier, which comes in 7 vibrant colours of hand-blown Glass bulb.

Take everything out, leaving only the wires and connectors, and products like Tekna’s Thorn Pete have a retro look with copper-plated lamp sockets and metal-clad wire.

And NUD’s Base series pendant lights also show how simple rope pendant lights can be subtle and stunning when combined with a rustic iron or concrete base using designer bulbs.

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