June 23, 2024

The floor lamp was an important invention. After all, without a floor lamp, Jobs probably wouldn’t have been meditating in the room to have the inspiration to change the world.

The indoor scenes of British and American dramas will be equipped with a large number of floor lamps, whether it is the White House in House of Cards or Watson’s rental house in London.

This is not only the need for the composition of the set, but also to simulate the multi-level illumination and light and dark light effects of the floor lamp table lamp, create a scene atmosphere, and invisibly reflect the high-level sense of the home.

On the other hand, in our daily life, many times there is one lamp in one room, and one lamp solves all problems. There is no way to meet all lighting needs. Such lighting effects are too dull and lack layers. No matter how advanced the furniture is, the effect cannot be seen. .

In fact, if there is no planning for home lighting in the hard-installation stage, it is not too late. Floor lamps can perfectly complement the lack of main lighting and lighting effects. As a result, floor lamps are easy to move, take them away, and turn them on when you use them. At the same time, floor lamps with diffused light are used to create an atmosphere and a decorative environment.

Today we are going to talk about the 4 best floor lamp features. Functionally, the floor lamp can meet the following four needs:

Floor lamp function

01 Supplemental lighting

Where the lighting planning in the early stage is not considered enough, put a floor lamp, and do not need to consider the problem of slotting and wiring, and the cost of time and money is much lower.

02 Create an atmosphere

Lighting is the most convenient tool to create an atmosphere. If you want to pull a small hand and fall in love, you don’t need to worry too much. Turn off the headlights and only turn on a floor lamp with soft light. Two people sit on the floor and have a glass of red wine. When thick, the water comes naturally.

03 Reading and learning

A comfortable single-seat sofa, a soft and bright floor lamp, a boring book, turning the pages quietly, guarantee that insomnia can be cured soon…

04 Decorative environment

A good-looking floor lamp is very decorative in itself, and can even become the finishing touch of the entire space. Even if the light is not turned on, it is enough to reflect the taste and improve the grade.

From the functional classification, floor lamps are mainly divided into three categories:

The first is a decorative floor lamp with a diffuse light source from the whole lamp. The lamp itself has a good shape design. In addition to creating an atmosphere, some lights will also transmit interesting decorative light through the hollow design of the lampshade.

The second is a functional floor lamp with a spotlight effect, which is mainly used for reading books by the sofa. Such a floor lamp pole can be adjusted in height and low direction at will, so as to illuminate the designated position, and the brightness can also be adjusted to meet the needs.

There is also a kind of lamp that can take into account the two functions of reading and newspapers and atmosphere lighting, that is, the traditional lampshade floor lamp, the brightness transmitted under the lampshade is enough to read a book, and the light transmitted from the lampshade hits the wall to form reflected light, which plays the role of atmosphere and lighting. effect.

Where should floor lamps be placed?

Floor lamps can naturally be placed anywhere, simply put where they are needed.

① Living room

The usual usage of floor lamps in the living room is to place the ambient light in an empty corner, such as the corner left by the sofa against the wall, or the corner beside the TV cabinet;

Put the reading lamp on one side of the sofa, or use a single sofa, a small side table, and a floor lamp to form a reading corner. A single sofa and a floor lamp are the best partners. You can go to IKEA’s official website or store to have a look , each sofa is equipped with a floor lamp.

② bedroom

The bedside is naturally the best position for the floor lamp. It does not need to occupy the space of the bedside table. It is also an advantage. Choose a warm light source with a lower brightness. The soft light will make people feel relaxed and comfortable, and it is easier to fall asleep.

Of course, in addition to the bedside, you can also put a floor lamp in the corner of the bedroom to create an atmosphere.

③ Study room

The desk side is naturally the best position for floor lamps. Compared with desk lamps, it does not take up space on the desktop. However, when choosing lamps, it is best to adjust the lamp head and poles greatly. The light source should also be selected with more than 4000K.

How to choose a floor lamp?

When choosing a suitable floor lamp, the first thing to consider is the use of the scene. Is it to meditate alone like in a martial arts drama?

Or is it used to add some warm and ambiguous atmosphere to the great harmony of life for two people on a romantic night?

Or do you bury your head in the study of learning the world?

Different usage scenarios, different needs and different choices.

If you want to practice Zen, Isamu Noguchi’s origami lamp series is very suitable. The design is simple and has an oriental Zen and tranquility. Under such lighting, it is easy to calm down and think about why it costs thousands of dollars. Bought a paper lantern.

If it is used as a decoration or an ambient light, there are many options available, you can use a ball light with diffused light bulbs, or you can use a column light that wraps all the light bulbs.

Or you can directly use a work light to directly hit the light on the wall to form a very comfortable reflected light to achieve the effect of creating an atmosphere. The most important thing is that the light is soft and not dazzling, the brightness does not need to be too high, and the color temperature will be more comfortable at 2700K.

If it is used for reading books or as a work light, a stable base is required, the lampshade must have a good condensing effect, and the light pole and irradiation direction must be adjusted in a large range, so that you can illuminate what you want. place.

The color temperature of the light source must be above 4000, because the light source is too warm, it will make people feel relaxed and difficult to concentrate, while the cold light source will make people excited, concentrate their energy, and study more efficiently.

The color rendering must also be above 80 to accurately restore the color. It is best to adjust the brightness and color temperature, which can meet the lighting needs of various work and study.

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