March 2, 2024


Brazil, known for its football, music, and festivals, has also contributed greatly to the world of interior décor. One of Brazil’s most unique and fascinating creations is the Pendente de Chao – a floor lamp that has become a popular feature in modern homes.

What is Pendente de Chao?

Pendente de Chao, also known as the Brazilian floor lamp, is a distinct lighting fixture with a unique design. The lamp often features a gold, silver, or black finish, with a slender column-style stand featuring curved or spiraled metalwork extending upwards to hold the light source. The lamp can be a standalone feature or clustered with others for a dramatic lighting effect.

History & Inspiration behind Pendente de Chao

The Pendente de Chao’s creation can be traced back to the 1950s, a period when Brazil was undergoing significant industrialization. This era saw the birth of many new design styles, known as Brazilian modernism, which combined elements of traditional Brazilian design with contemporary modernist influences.

The inspiration behind the Pendente de Chao comes from the design of the traditional lamp post, which is typically found in Brazilian towns and villages. The lamp’s slender design and curved metalwork bring to mind the same visual patterns observed in the traditional street lamps.

The Pendente de Chao design also features meandering lines and shapes that draw from the flowing grace of Brazilian dancers. The curved shapes and fluid movements of the lamp might remind you of Brazilian samba dancers’ hips.

The Design Features of Pendente de Chao

The Pendente de Chao lamp’s dual-purpose is to provide lighting and decorate your home with a unique design. When you turn on your Brazilian floor lamp, it gives off a warm, ambient light and casts unique and unusual shadows around the room.

One of the most fascinating features of the Pendente de Chao is its ability to create a moiré effect – a unique visual pattern that appears in certain lighting conditions when the curved metal picks up light and obscures the bulb inside. The result is a pleasant visual effect that can add character and depth to your décor.

Where to Place Pendente de Chao

Pendente de Chao floor lamps can add character and an enchanting presence to any part of your home. You can add one of these unique lamps to your living room or den to bring a touch of Brazilian style to your interior décor. The lamp should be placed in a prominent spot, one that draws attention and serves as a visual conversation starter.


The Pendente de Chao floor lamp is one of Brazil’s most fascinating and unique designs. Its modernist influence and traditional design add character and personality to any home. A Pendente de Chao lamp is an investment in the art of Brazilian design and a statement piece for your décor.

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