July 14, 2024

How to choose a reading and writing table lamp for children has already been annoyed by the nerves of many parents and friends.

In this era when LED lighting has almost occupied the absolute mainstream trend, various concepts including blue light harmless, no stroboscopic, AA brightness, museum-level color rendering are emerging one after another, and too many professional terms are confusing.

At the same time, the concept of eye protection is very popular, and the price is also very different. More people are willing to say: children’s eyes are priceless.

Although it is true that lighting professional knowledge is a little esoteric, but in recent years, more people have paid attention to this aspect, and it is not as difficult to find a high-quality children’s reading and writing table lamp in the market as in previous years. .

Today, let’s talk about products such as children’s reading and writing table lamps in depth with you, and talk about how to choose the best eye protection desk lamp.

What kind of desk lamp is a good reading and writing table lamp for children? What kind of table lamp can achieve maximum “eye protection”?

Because the concept of the so-called “eye protection table lamp” has been smashed in recent years, any business can say that it is an eye protection table lamp, and even some bad manufacturers continue to imply that their products can improve children’s eyesight.

Of course, any table lamp will not have the function of vision therapy. A better and more suitable reading and writing table lamp for children can indeed reduce the damage to the eyes of children when they are reading and writing.

I have read too much information, and I don’t remember how many times I have studied this aspect all night long. In conclusion, to make the lamp more “eye-protecting”, there are the following three aspects:

  1. Good quality of light source;
  2. Excellent structural design;
  3. Good usage habits.

Next, we will discuss these aspects in detail in combination with the reviews and evaluations of WiT MindDuo products.

01 Good light source quality

The good light for a desk lamp actually mainly involves brightness, stroboscopic and color rendering index.


For brightness, in fact, a more professional and accurate statement is illuminance. The brightness mentioned here is not the amount of light emitted by the lamp as a whole (luminous flux), but the intensity of the light that the lamp irradiates on the object (this refers to the desktop).

Developed countries and regions generally set classroom lighting and lighting hygiene standards in primary and secondary schools to no less than 500lux on desks.

A desk lamp, if the brightness is not enough (the problem of reading and writing desk lamps is often not enough brightness, rarely too bright, because this can save costs), let the child read and write under the light that is too dim, it is easy to cause eye fatigue, which affects Learning efficiency and vision.

② Strobe

In terms of strobe, it is directly related to the quality of the lamp power supply module. Since the household power supply is 50Hz alternating current, the voltage cycle changes high and low, if the direct step-down without processing is connected to the light-emitting LED particles, then a 100Hz frequency and deep stroboscopic flicker will be generated, which is the typical low-risk low Frequency, large depth strobe.

Then, the general manufacturers greatly increase the fluctuation frequency of the power supply to output a voltage and current with a much lower fluctuation range that tends to be in a constant voltage DC state. So how does the industry quantify it?

In fact, in 2015, the international IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers gave the answer: the stroboscopic frequency is roughly more than 3000hz, no matter how large the stroboscopic frequency is, it is a risk-free range.

The quality of the stroboscopic performance of the desk lamp is determined by the power supply. The quality of the power adapter will directly determine the stroboscopic situation of the desk lamp! Unless you know this very well and do have an adapter of comparable quality, I wouldn’t recommend replacing it!

③ Color rendering index

color rendering index. In fact, when it comes to lighting, you can’t skip this, although the national standard is set very low, as long as the color rendering index reaches 80, then it is qualified. Of course, there are also some local standards, such as Shanghai’s classroom lighting standards, the color rendering index of art classroom lighting should exceed 90.

Recently, some academic studies have pointed out that compared with the lighting environment with high color rendering, people have a higher proportion of eye fatigue in the lighting environment with low color rendering. As far as children’s reading and writing lamps are concerned, eye fatigue means that it will reduce learning efficiency and create a higher risk of reducing vision.


Blu-ray. Now many people talk about blue light color change, especially for children’s reading and writing desk lamps. In fact, natural light includes blue light, and blue light is significantly more harmful to the retina than red and yellow light.

In fact, the problem of blue light, as long as it meets the EU’s harmless standards, and the color temperature is appropriate, when used properly, does not require such hysterical attention.

02 Excellent structural design

I didn’t talk about glare in the above part, because I’m definitely more related to the design of the table lamp. Glare is also a professional term, and this simplification is understood as “dazzling” here. Poor glare control will seriously affect the user’s visual comfort, which is also harmful.

As far as children’s reading and writing desk lamps are concerned, my conclusion is that the lamp beads and the light diffusion plate cannot be seen during use. In fact, this is basic, but by no means most products can do it.

When it comes to the shape of the lamp head, the disc-shaped lamp head is more popular now. Compared with the linear type in the past and the ring shape later, it is of progressive significance. For example, increasing the light-emitting area reduces the absolute brightness of the light source, and there are also better-looking ones. Hand shadows.

03 Good usage habits

Even if there is a reading and writing desk lamp for children that is OK in all aspects, with adjustable brightness and color temperature, how many people know what brightness is the most suitable? How many people can accurately adjust to this scientifically appropriate range?

In fact, most users, even parents and friends, do not know the scientific knowledge. Even if there are very few parents and friends who have studied this, the human eye is not an instrument and has no ability to accurately judge the brightness.

In fact, one thing must be pointed out: when reading and writing operations under the desk lamp, it is best to turn on the global illumination (such as a ceiling lamp). If only the desk lamp is turned on, the light area is relatively small, which is easy to cause emotional changes and eye discomfort.

Generally speaking, the area mainly illuminated by the desk lamp is very small, which is a disadvantage. The ID design of a good lamp is that the lamp head is curved and has a certain arc, which can illuminate a larger area.

Such a larger lighting area, I think it is more practical for children to read and write desk lamps, because in many cases, parents need to sit together to help with homework…

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