May 19, 2024

If you want lamps with a sense of design, in addition to buying expensive designer originals and replicas of major platforms such as Taobao, there are also IKEA lamps to choose from.

IKEA’s lamps work well, the design is excellent, the key is that the price is not expensive. Next, I will recommend to you the top 5 IKEA best-selling floor lamps for reference by friends in need.

01 Knott Floor Lamp / Reading Lamp

  • Dimensions: Height 174 cm Base diameter: 27 cm Shade diameter: 28 cm
  • Material: Steel pole, Polypropylene plastic lampshade
  • Light source: above E27 spherical bulb GU10 bulb
  • Applicable scene and style: suitable for various home styles

It can be placed on the corner of the wall, on the side of the sofa, or at the head of the bed; the lampshade above this floor lamp is illuminated upwards, and the reflected light from the roof achieves a soft lighting effect.

The small lampshade below can be used as a reading light, and the light pole can be adjusted. The two lights have independent switches that can be used separately. At this price, what else can be picky?

02 SAMTID floor lamp/reading lamp

  • Dimensions: Height: 152 cm Base diameter: 26.5 cm Shade diameter: 25 cm
  • Material: Steel pole, Polypropylene lampshade
  • Light source: E27 spherical bulb
  • Applicable scene and style: retro minimalist style, suitable for Nordic and muji style

Both reading and atmosphere lights are available. The adjustable light pole is suitable for reading lights beside the sofa. With a retro single sofa, it should be the most eye-catching place in the home. It is also suitable to be placed at the head of the bed. Flip a few pages of the book and quiet your mind.

03 Andyford Floor Lamp/ Reading Lamp

  • Dimensions: Height: 165 cm Base diameter 24 cm
  • Material: All steel chrome plated
  • Light source: IKEA GU10 bulb
  • Applicable scene and style: industrial style, standard tool light, can be used for work and study, or can be used as ambient light with wall reflection

A standard work light reading light, the most suitable position should be the side of the desk and the side of the bookshelf; the three joints can be adjusted to allow the light to shine where it is needed.

The switch of the lamp is also at the position of the lamp head. After use, you can turn off the lamp at will, which is in line with daily use habits. The whole lamp is nickel-plated with silver light, so that the warm home can be decorated with a little industrial style, reminding yourself that the workplace is cold, and hurry up and study hard. Work overtime!

04 Ipoli LED Floor Lamp

  • Dimensions: Height: 122 cm Base diameter: 22 cm Shade diameter: 15 cm
  • Material: just aluminum
  • Light source: own light source
  • Applicable scene and style: Nordic minimalist style can undertake various functions of reading light and atmosphere light

Ipoli series is a series of cooperation between IKEA and HAY. My favorite is this floor lamp. It is the representative of the minimalist floor lamp. It has beautiful lines and no extra decoration. It has a very low sense of existence from a distance, but it has a sense of design when seen close up. ,

The function and practicability are very strong. There is a touch switch on the lamp head, which can switch and adjust the brightness; the lamp head can be turned over, and the irradiation direction can be adjusted.

It can be used as a reading light and work light by the sofa and desk; it can also be used as an ambient light for lighting the wall; it can also be used as a decorative light directly on paintings or decorations. Also worth it.

05 New Mooney Floor Lamp

  • Dimensions: Height: 146 cm Base diameter: 32 cm Shade diameter: 37 cm
  • Material: Steel Polystyrene Plastic
  • Light source: two spherical bulbs with E27 interface
  • Applicable scene and style: Nordic minimalist style, suitable for various home styles

There is no spotlight effect, and the two bulbs have high brightness, which can replace the main light source. It is not recommended to use the bedside and desk side of the bedroom as a work light. Ordinary reading should be no problem.

This lamp has two colors, pure black and pure white, with clear black and white, and it looks like two Go chess from above.

One of the representatives of IKEA’s Nordic style, there are also pendant lamps and table lamps in the same series. This floor lamp has a touch of charm of the PH floor lamp. There are reflectors on the top and bottom of the lampshade, which can achieve the effect of seeing the light but not the light, and can’t afford PH, etc. , you can use this instead.

After reading these 4 creative lamps, do you have a favorite one? Please leave a message to me~

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