May 19, 2024

floor lamp halogen

Decorative floor lamps are a great way to light up a room without hardwiring or permanent changes. They are also convenient and versatile, meaning they can be used in many different rooms.

Besides providing bright and efficient lighting, decorative floor lamps come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to match almost any decor. For instance, the Generations Adjustable Halogen Pharmacy Floor Lamp from House of Troy features a metal design with an industrial flair, along with a full range dimmer on the shade that offers precise intensity control.

Torchiere Floor Lamps

A torchiere style floor lamp is one of the most popular types of home lighting. These are taller and more sophisticated than traditional table lamps, allowing you to illuminate larger areas of a room.

The most popular type of torchieres are made from aluminum, steel or other durable materials and feature a wide range of finishes. These include nickel, brass, blackened silver and chrome.

They are also commonly available with LED bulbs and can be plugged into any standard wall socket. They are cheaper and less energy-intensive than halogen lights, making them a good choice for anyone looking to reduce their electricity bills.

How to Change a Halogen Floor Lamp Bulb

When it comes to changing a halogen bulb, the best way to do so is by unscrewing the glass covering in a counterclockwise direction and inserting a new one. This will ensure that your lamp remains safe and prevent it from overheating or catching fire.

A halogen bulb is similar to an incandescent bulb, but it includes a halogen gas that increases its efficiency and light output. The halogen in the bulb also helps to restore the tungsten that slowly evaporates from a typical incandescent lamp filament, increasing its longevity.

The halogen lamp is also the most energy-efficient of all incandescent bulbs. Because the halogen gas reacts chemically with the tungsten that evaporates from the lamp’s filament, it eliminates the blackening that typically occurs in an incandescent lamp.