July 15, 2024


Skandinavisk Oy is a company based in Denmark that specialises in creating home fragrances that capture the essence of Scandinavian culture. The brand has become popular among consumers who appreciate the simplicity, purity, and elegance of Nordic design. In this article, we will be exploring the company’s distinct approach to fragrance creation and highlighting some of its best-selling products.

History of Skandinavisk Oy

Skandinavisk Oy was founded in 2013 by two Englishmen, Shaun Russell and Gerry Kingham, who had moved to Denmark and were quickly captivated by the country’s culture and lifestyle. They launched the brand with the mission of producing high-quality, natural-scented candles that reflected the essence of the Nordic region.

Values and Philosophy

One of the unique aspects of Skandinavisk Oy is its focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company uses only natural and renewable materials in its products and strives to minimise its environmental impact. Furthermore, the brand is committed to supporting local communities and working with small businesses.

Product Range

Skandinavisk Oy offers a wide range of home fragrances, including candles, diffusers, and room sprays. Each product is carefully crafted to capture the magic of Scandinavia, with scents inspired by the region’s natural landscapes, culture, and lifestyle.


Skandinavisk Oy’s candles are a true standout in the market. They are made with a blend of vegetable wax and organic cotton wicks, which burns cleanly and slowly, allowing for a longer-lasting scent experience. The brand offers a variety of scents, such as Fjord, which evokes the freshness of Norway’s glaciated valleys, Hygge, a warm and cosy fragrance, and Skog, which captures the essence of Scandinavian forests.


Skandinavisk Oy’s reed diffusers provide a long-lasting scent experience that is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your home. The diffusers come in various scents, including Lempi, a romantic fragrance with hints of rose and strawberries, and Hjem, which is inspired by the Danish word for home and captures the comforting scent of freshly-baked bread.

Room Sprays

For a quick and easy way to refresh any living space, Skandinavisk Oy’s room sprays are an ideal choice. The sprays come in various scents, including Hav, which captures the invigorating scent of the sea, and Oy, which is inspired by the Finnish word for island and evokes the fresh and airy atmosphere of the archipelago.

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