May 19, 2024

In a home, the kitchen plays an important role. A good lighting can make family members or their own dishes feel comfortable. Today I will share with you the top 5 buying tips for buying kitchen chandeliers. Don’t miss it~

01 Use a chandelier to create a focal point

This can be a great way to inject some color and interest into the kitchen, especially if the place is minimalist and neutral. Look at the type of lighting in the rest of the kitchen – a variety of lighting is essential in any space, but especially in this special space.

Additionally, kitchens that require good lighting can install additional lights above the island. If we plan to have spotlights or understated downlights, we can also use a island pendant light to spice things up a bit, making sure to match the style of the kitchen, of course.

02 kitchen island pendant hangs at the correct height

Although many chandeliers hang from the kitchen floor to the bottom edge of the chandelier 1.6 meters to 1.7 meters. But we can still adjust it according to the actual situation, because it depends on the specific height and design of the pendant light, and the amount of light it casts on the surface of the island.

If the island is in the center, we need to make sure the light fixture is high enough so that the room is well lit. Before installing the chandelier, adjust the height of the chandelier in advance, so that the probability of error is less.

03 Dimming and color chandelier

It is very important that the chandelier has the function of dimming and color matching. For example, we can use ambient light when dining and lighting when preparing food. In short, just a quick switch can create different atmospheres in an elegant kitchen.

04 Accent lighting adds a sense of decoration

Accent lighting is a form of lighting most commonly used to illuminate sidewalks with dim light. However, this form of lighting can also be used to highlight key objects and focal points in the home or surrounding landscape.

Accent lighting is a popular decorative lighting for outdoors or indoors. Some of the best examples of accent lighting are outdoor landscape lights, lighting on artwork, and sconces on restaurant walls. But for better results, be sure to use it sparingly.

05 Daylight factor

Lighting in the kitchen is also something to consider, natural light when diffused can create a feeling of openness and warmth in the room. Kitchens with less light may need additional lighting at this time.

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