July 15, 2024

The Intricate Beauty of Arandela Preta Interna – A Masterful Blend of Light and Shadow


When it comes to interior design, lighting is an essential element that can transform a space. Arandela Preta Interna, a Brazilian lighting fixture known for its intricate design and modern style, has been gaining popularity among designers and homeowners alike. In this article, we will dive deep into the fascinating world of Arandela Preta Interna, exploring its history, design, and unique features.


Arandela Preta Interna, which translates to “black internal sconce,” was first created by Brazilian design company, Studio FETICHE. The company, founded in 2010 by two architects, Marina Cardoso de Almeida and Rodrigo Brenner, is known for its modern, functional, and sustainable designs. Arandela Preta Interna is one of their most iconic creations.

The sconce was first launched in 2011 and quickly gained popularity in Brazil and abroad. Its unique design, which combines a minimalistic black iron frame and a hand-crafted, translucent porcelain shade, sets it apart from traditional lighting fixtures. As a result, Arandela Preta Interna has become synonymous with modern, sophisticated interior design.


Arandela Preta Interna’s design is both elegant and practical. The fixture consists of an iron frame that is powder-coated in black, giving it a sleek and modern look. The frame has a circular base that is attached to the wall, and an arm that extends outwards to hold the porcelain shade.

The porcelain shade is the centerpiece of the design. It is made from a translucent, high-quality porcelain that is hand-crafted in Brazil. The shade is shaped like a cylinder with a concave shape on the inside. The shape of the shade is crucial to the fixture’s design because it diffuses the light and creates a beautiful, warm glow.

One of the unique features of Arandela Preta Interna is its ability to be adjusted in a 180-degree angle. This feature allows the user to direct the light wherever it is needed, making it ideal as both a decorative and functional piece in any room.


Arandela Preta Interna comes with several unique features that make it a standout lighting fixture. Here are some of its notable features:

  1. Hand-crafted porcelain shade
  2. Adjustable arm to direct light
  3. Creates a warm and diffused light effect
  4. Sleek and modern black iron frame
  5. LED lighting technology for energy efficiency

Where to Use Arandela Preta Interna

Arandela Preta Interna can be used in various settings, from residential to commercial spaces. Its modern and sophisticated design makes it ideal for contemporary interiors. Here are some examples of where you can use the fixture:


In the bedroom, Arandela Preta Interna can be used as a bedside sconce. Its warm and diffused light effect creates a cozy and relaxing ambiance, perfect for reading or winding down before sleep.

Living Room

In the living room, Arandela Preta Interna can be used as a decorative or functional piece. Its adjustable arm allows you to direct light to a particular area, making it ideal for task lighting or highlighting artwork.


Arandela Preta Interna’s elegant design makes it an excellent choice for restaurants or other dining spaces. Its warm and diffused light creates an intimate and cozy atmosphere, making it the perfect accompaniment to a romantic dinner or a relaxing night out.

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