July 15, 2024

fontana arte

The Italian design studio Fontana Arte focuses on using fine materials like glass to create objects that enchant the eye. The designers are also known for blending technological innovation with aesthetic appeal, generating timeless objects with marvelous shapes. Many of their products have become design classics and are displayed in world-class museums. Yigolighting

Gio Ponti

In the 1950s and 1960s, Gio Ponti, an Italian architect and designer, led the movement called “Domus,” a counter to rationalism and the Industrial Revolution. He founded the Stile magazine, featuring young architects and critics, and in the early 1970s, invited Lina Bo Bardi to collaborate with him. Eventually, he founded his own architecture firm, which he grew to become world-renowned for. He also became an advocate for the revival of arts and crafts, aligning himself with the neoclassical movement.

Gio Ponti was also a prolific author, publishing numerous books on architecture. One of his most famous was “Amate l’architettura,” which proclaimed his belief in architecture as pure and closed. Ponti studied architecture at the Milan Politecnico University and published his book in 1957. The following year, he helped complete the exterior envelope design of the Denver Art Museum, which was the only Gio Ponti-designed building in North America.

This exhibition features some of the most famous works of Gio Ponti, along with some lesser-known works by the artist. Drawings by Lisa Bridges are also included. The exhibition lasts until February 2018. In addition, a volume devoted to Gio Ponti is available, featuring texts, photographs, and documents that illustrate his decade-long research into artistic expression.

Gio Ponti was also famous for his stained glass work, and his designs were influential to modernism in Italy. He received many important commissions, including the Vulcania dome in Milan. In addition, he created his first lighting prototypes, which were small but highly effective. He eventually became the second director of Fontana Arte. His relationship with Chiesa was very close, and the two bonded over their mutual interests in art and business.

Luigi Fontana

Located in Italy, Fontana Arte is the artistic division of the glass manufacturing company Luigi Fontana & Co. Founded in 1881 by the Italian artist Luigi Fontana, the company is best known for its glass and metal furniture, including tables, lamps, and mirrors. In the early 1930s, the company partnered with Gio Ponti, an interior designer with a keen eye for design, to incorporate glass into interior decor. The two men formed a close friendship and collaborated on numerous projects. The company continued to expand until the late 1990s.

Today, FontanaArte produces several of Fontana’s most iconic pieces, including the iconic 0024 lamp. Other notable pieces include the Bilia lamp and the Pirellina and Pirellone lamps. The company also produces a coffee table called the Tavolino 1932. The company’s latest collection features collaborations with a new generation of international designers and non-traditional materials. It also emphasizes a person-centric approach to light, resulting in elegant solutions for everyday use.

The Arlecchino mirror was originally designed by Luigi Fontana and C. in 1940. It was manufactured by Fontana Arte in Milan, Italy, and completed in 1959. It features a color-coordinated mirrored glass frame and ebonized wood and brass. It is marked with a manufacturer paper label and measures 43 3/4 x 25 7 inches.