July 15, 2024

vertigo hanglamp small

The Vertigo Hanglamp by Constance Guisset for Petite Friture is a pendant lamp with a sculptural, circular design. It is made of fiberglass, iron, and polyurethane and comes in two sizes and several finishes. Its shape and material choice make it an appealing choice for a modern home.

Constance Guisset

Vertigo hanglamp is a pendant lamp that moves softly and gracefully with the wind. This pendant light is created by the French designer Constance Guisset. It’s extremely light and flexible and moves softly to the rhythm of the wind. The Vertigo hanglamp is available in two sizes: small and large.

The Vertigo hanglamp small is a delicate pendant lamp by the Paris-based designer. Its ethereal, graphic form fits into both large and small spaces and is made of ultralight fiberglass. The light it casts bounces off the walls and echoes the aesthetic markers of Petite Friture.

Petite Friture

Petite Friture’s Vertigo Hanglamp is large, light, and flexible. It was designed by Constance Guisset and moves to the rhythm of the wind. It is a great piece for a living room or a bedroom. It will light up your space without being too bright or distracting.

The Vertigo Hanglamp is designed by Constance Guisset and was first introduced by Petite Friture in 2009. The Vertigo Hanglamp is a light-weight piece of art that is reminiscent of an omarming. The light comes from an E27 bulb.

Its design

The Vertigo hanglamp is an iconic design that is a perfect fit in small and large rooms alike. Its architectural features and ultralight fibreglass construction make it ideal for small spaces. It has a diameter of 140cm and a height of 15cm. Its ultralight fiberglass construction is tensioned with polyurethane ribbons for maximum durability. The Vertigo hanglamp is available in six different colors.

The Vertigo hanglamp features a basket-shaped lightbulb that creates an intriguing play of shadows on the ceiling. Available in two sizes, the Vertigo lamp will fit any interior design style. With its sleek, simple lines, this design is a genuine French design icon that will enhance any home.

Its materials

The Vertigo hanglamp small is part of the Petite Friture collection. Its 140cm diameter makes it almost as light as a feather and it moves with the airflow, casting a soft shadow play on the wall. This small lamp also has an oversized version that is available in several colors.

Its suspension is made of polyurethane ribbons and an ultra-light fibreflass structure. A three-metre cord suspends the Vertigo. It is available in two sizes, white and black. It can also come in copper, light bleu, or pink. This hanging lamp uses a 15-watt energy-efficient bulb.

Its warranty

The Vertigo hanglamp small is a stunning lighting fixture. It was designed by Constance Guisset and is produced by Petite Friture. The lamp is made of iron and polyurethane, and is available in two sizes. Each lamp is finished with different finishes, allowing you to customize your lamp to match the room.

The Vertigo hanglamp is available in an array of different colors. Choose from a contemporary white, sleek black or a striking blue. It is also available in an XL size.